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toxicity and fat accumulation

In my experience there are three main reasons why a person isn’t losing fat despite their hard work. Two of them are well-known: A) low-functioning metabolism and B) not creating a significant caloric deficit. But there is another factor that plays a bigger role now than we realize: TOXICITY.

One of our body’s main jobs is to protect the vital organs and blood from becoming toxic. The blood MUST keep a perfectly balanced pH level to prevent a dire situation. So when we consume and accumulate toxins (pollution, refined sugar, pesticides, GMO’s, alcohol, nail polish, cheap soaps/lotions, unhealthy food, etc), our blood is at risk of becoming acidic. When this happens, the body relies on other organs to balance the blood’s pH. Over time, certain organs or systems of the body may become compromised which is one of the main reasons we see chronic disease. Another thing that happens is that our body uses fat to dilute toxins within our cells. So that means the more crap we consume/accumulate, the more fat we need to hold onto. Eating more natural, organic, unprocessed, REAL food means the body doesn’t need to hold so much fat in the cells to dilute the toxins. And when we drink enough water consistently, our body trusts that it will have a source of dilution other than fat. Calories aside, the more removed your food and drinks are from nature, the more they will cause you to gain weight and not let you release it. I have far from a perfect diet and I live in the city among exhaust and whatever else, but I do my best to practice “damage control” by making a point to stuff my face with green food whenever I can, drinking at least half a gallon of water per day, and taking certain supplements to aid in detoxification.

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