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Fall 2019 Classes:

To register or inquire further about any of the classes, please click on the titles below and use the generated email link to get in touch! Registration and payment information will be provided in my reply email.

The Fundamentals of Eating (registration closed)

(two-part series)

Learn how to simplify eating and nutrition, as well as how to use your inner knowing - your intuition - to discover an optimal eating plan for yourself at this time. We will examine topics like fad diets, cultural expectations, nutrition myths, the energetics of food, and emotional eating. The definition of food itself will be re-evaluated. Empower yourself and see health and wellness through a brand new lens!

Part 1:  Nutrition Basics 

Day:  Wednesday, October 23rd

Time:  7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $25

  • Nutrition, Re-Examined

  • What is food?

  • What is health?

  • What should I eat?

  • At-Home Resources

No knowledge of nutrition required for Part I.


Part II:  Spiritual and Intuitive Eating (registration closed)

Day:  Wednesday, October 30th

Time:  7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost:  $25

  • Context and Body Awareness

  • Spirituality and Nutrition

  • Connecting to Food, Earth, Self, and History


"Nutrition Basics" (Part I) is a prerequisite for this class. If you don't attend Part I but would like to take this class, please email me to chat about whether it would be right for you!

The Medicine of Plants (registration closed)

Learn to work with the "weeds" in your own backyard (or local park) as medicine. Working with plants is a rapidly-growing phenomenon, and all it truly takes is the honest desire to connect with nature. You’ll learn the essentials of where and when to find herbs in the PNW, how to make your own medicine, and how to get to know plants physically as well as spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. 

Cost:  $25

  • What is herbalism?

  • Systems of medicine

  • Finding herbs

  • Getting to know plants

  • Making medicine

Hands-on activities included. No knowledge of medicine, herbs, or plants required.


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