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Currently offering FREE iridology readings!

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Iridology is a highly-precise, non-invasive, scientific tool used to better understand physical and spiritual health. Your body, your health, and your being are all reflected in your eyes and a trained iridologist is able to help you explore your unique way of moving through the world. Email me for more info!

Food is medicine! Explore how to apply this to your lifestyle. Anything from weekly or annual meal plans, to specific diets, to "kid food", to prenatal and postnatal support.

Hanging Herbs

Holistic *herbalism is accessible to all people, regardless of training, degrees, or certifications. It is an ancient and innate way of existing in the world. You can learn it, too, and I would love to show you how simple it is! There is medicine waiting for you just outside your door. I will share with you my relationship with plants and how they can assist your innate healing mechanisms.

*No state or federal agency licenses herbalists in the United States and none of the information here constitutes medical advice.

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Due to my dog's highly-sensitive system, many hours of research into the world of pet food has led me to be well-versed in the basics of canine & feline nutrition as well as in natural home remedies and health-boosters. Please see my recommended resources page for official Veterinarian advice.

To book an appointment or for more information, please email me at


If you're looking to purchase crystals, herbs, or other handmade items, please visit my Instagram page.

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