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Vintage Jar Collection


Whitney Showalter is the owner of Green Light Nature. She has lived in Seattle most of her life, has worked in the field of medical research for 15 years. She is also a Certified Nutrition Consultant, an herbalist, and an iridologist..

When I was 6 years old my family moved into a new house and I found an abandoned apothecary at the edge of the property. It felt like I had built it myself and forgotten where I'd left it.  

It took me decades and a career in medical research to learn that medicine is not a thing in a bottle but our purest connection to the Earth and to ourselves.

Medicine doesn't heal.

The body heals itself if we learn what it needs, how to support it, and what prevents us from doing so.

Stepping back and examining our relationship to culture, food habits, to nature, breath, economy, society, and currently accepted norms is a vital first step to reclaiming our health and sovereignty as individuals and as a species.

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