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is your garbage disposal backed up?

The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer/garbage disposal. Our blood dumps stuff it doesn’t want into that massive system, which is the body’s main immune system. Lymph vessels are the human body’s sewer pipes that go to the “septic tanks” inside your body (lymph nodes). There are hundreds of them, and their role is to take care of damaged cells and bacteria.

Pain, swelling, arthritis, Lyme, lupus, congestive heart failure, gangrene, pulmonary edema, and basically all other “diseases” are really our backed up systems with bacteria infestations. It’s the sewer system/garbage dump that’s the culturing medium causing 99% of any problems. If we have an infection or a fever we are given antibiotics and take NSAIDs, blaming the problem on the bacteria when it’s the waste in the “sewage tanks” that is the culprit. Taking antibiotics brings bacteria under control in that instance but it can wreak havoc over time and doesn’t actually get rid of the sewage piling up. The more sewage we have in our system, the more the bacteria multiplies, and the sicker we will feel. So clean your lymphatic system with exercise! When you move your body, it’s like turning on that garbage disposal. Aerobic activity especially prevents lymphatic stagnation but anything will do, doesn’t matter if it’s dancing or hiking or pushups. And as with a garbage disposal, the longer we wait to turn it on, the worse it gets and the longer it takes to clean. In addition to regular exercise, heal your lymph system by drastically reducing or eliminating animal products and processed food from your diet. And start eating lots of acid and sub-acid fruits. Eat berries and melons too. They are especially amazing.

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