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Whole grain? Who cares?

White rice, white bread, and regular pasta are GRAINS. They are usually grains with the fibrous bran, the nutritious germ and the endosperm REMOVED. - Brown rice, whole-grain bread, and whole-wheat pasta are the same grains as white rice, bread, and pasta. BUT!!!! They do NOT have the fibrous bran, the nutritious germ and the endosperm removed. - The reason this matters is because humans are mammals whose bodies

are accustomed to, and evolved for, food items as close to nature as possible. Human technology has advanced but human physiology hasn't much, which basically means our bodies don't know what to do with Poptarts. - These days, many companies are recognizing that we are catching on and that we want to eat in ways that nourish us, not just entertain us. They are starting to make more whole grain foods but they also have been using trickery in marketing to get us to buy their low-quality products. "Multi-grain" isn't the same as "whole grain". Multi-grain simply means that there is more than one grain (not taking into account whether or not it is whole or stripped) in the product. - Our bodies are primed to digest and assimilate foods as a whole. The more we deconstruct, strip, disassemble, or re-invent foods, the less our bodies recognize the new item, and the less likely we are to feel the way we are meant to feel. - Eat closer to nature to be and feel closer to your natural state: HEALTH.

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