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should you eat kale?

​Kale sure isn't my number​ 1 but that's perfectly fine. Food trends are interesting but hardly definitive proof of how to eat. . In fact for most species, eating is intuitive and mindless. Giraffes wouldn't eat a chicken, frogs wouldn't eat a tomato, and brown bears wouldn't turn down a meal of salmon and berries. Humans are the sickest species on earth by such a large margin it's hard to measure. . The issue with us is that we've outsourced our eating intuition to "experts", culture, and advertising. We are bombarded with so much propaganda that we have lost our way to knowing what is in our best interest.

. We are at a point in history where we need to rethink WHY we are eating what we eat or we may become extinct. The issues we claim to be genetic perhaps are, in rare cases. But even if we have say, hypertension, in our genes, that disease is highly unlikely to manifest unless we eat in a way that triggers it. Just like someone with alcoholism in their family doesn't automatically become an alcoholic. . We are extremely adaptable, yes. But hospitals are not full of people who eat what they farm, fish, and hunt, or vegans, or fruitarians... Hospitals are full of people eating what TV, mainstream thought, and the establishment says is normal to eat. . Being open-minded to the possibility that the way we've been taught to eat is deeply flawed is a great first step to reclaim intuitive eating, and ultimately, health.


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