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it's ok to hate vegetables

Do you hate vegetables?

Or live in a food desert?

Or throw out too much kale because it goes bad?

Or do you not want to clutter your kitchen with appliances to make green smoothies?

Are you not able to afford the volume of veggies that the human body thrives on??

Don’t panic.

The supplement industry has actually done something really helpful despite themselves: They make superfood green/veg powders! This stuff is stacked with a massive amount of nutrition. There are also tons of choices, you don’t have to worry about getting enough variety, it is totally affordable, it mixes with a spoon in a glass of water or juice, you can order online (Amazon has so many options), and it will last unrefrigerated for at least 4x longer than fresh veggies.

A huge amount of vegetables picked from perfect soil by you is the best. But let’s get serious, that’s highly impractical.

Getting one serving of these powdered greens in per day will push your vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and whole food intake to far beyond the intake of most Americans.

It’s totally worth it.

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