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herbs and pharma

Herbal medicine is not an outdated mode of healing. Pharmaceutical DRUGS are necessary for certain types of emergencies. But working with MEDICINES is the only way to restore our natural state of health through innate biological symbiosis.

Herbs don’t cure everything. If you have a broken leg or sepsis, for the love of god go to the hospital.

But as a general rule, the first medicine to take is food.

The second is herbs.

And the third is to participate in what western medicine is at its best: A life-saving measure once the tipping point has been reached. When our physical health has been sufficiently compromised, usually because of diet and lifestyle, there are often just not enough herbs to restore homeostasis.

Herbs are gentle, steady healers.

Pharmaceuticals are aggressive, acute life-savers that unless used only when absolutely necessary, can wreak havoc on our bodies and destroy just as much as they fix.

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