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do you eat your sunscreen?

Using mineral sunscreen is great, but EATING your sunscreen is great too. The most powerful sun protection (and recovery from too much sun exposure) comes from the inside out. If you incorporate the following into your life, not just during the hot weather but throughout the year, your skin will be much more protected and minor sunburns will heal faster. 1. Eat lots of Omega 3s in either supplement or whole food form (certain nuts & seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, pumpkin, avocado... or even cod liver oil if you're into that)

2. Avoid Omega 6s (fried food, meat products, dairy, vegetable oil, fast food, highly processed food, pastries) not only during sun exposure, but on a consistent basis, year round. Omega 6s lower your body's ability to prevent burning and damage.

3. Supplement with Vitamin C & Vitamin D.

4. Take a supplement called ASTAXANTHIN. It's truly an "internal sunscreen"; it prevents oxidation. It also promotes general skin health, immunity, brain function, and joint & muscle recovery. Not sure if it's appropriate for kids, so check first.

5. DRINK WATER! Seriously. Without proper hydration, your body simply can't and won't offer you the protection it needs against the sun and heat.

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