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still not thirsty?

​Just a friendly reminder that if you’re a human and you drank less than 16oz of water today but don’t feel thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated! Thirst is like a puppy. If he learns that you will give him celery instead of hot dogs when he begs, he will eventually stop begging unless you start giving him hot dogs. The three very basic stages of (re)hydration are as follows.

1. Chronically dehydrated: Little to no sensation of thirst most of the time, crave food and carbonated bevs and juice, drinking less than a quart of pure water a day. 2. Becoming hydrated: Strong thirst sensation returning, craving pure water, drinking 1/2 gallon+ of water per day. 3. Hydrated: Thirsty for pure water, drinking ~1 gallon of water per day, lots of energy, skin elasticity returning, healthy blood circulation, reduction in headaches, less heartburn, etc.

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